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Many builders make claims about building smart or being green or certified as a specialist in one area or another. While it is good that they are understanding the new building concepts that can create efficiencies in the home, it’s just NOT good enough!

What separates Christyn from these “other” builders is that we don’t razzle dazzle you with this rhetoric…WE DELIVER RESULTS!! Everything we do, and say we are going to do for you, we not only do it…we PROVE it and we back it up with Third party verification. Why? What’s the big deal? Simple, being a certified Green builder for instance only means you took several classes with the local builders Association. It doesn’t PROVE you actually build smart or green. Just means you got a nice pretty certificate from them.

Now this third party actually TESTS your new CHRISTYN home and verifies that it meets the NEW government guidelines for energy efficiencies AND gives it a rating that will be recorded for your home forever…This is a mandatory rating system that Every Home will be stamped with going forward…what if your home is 10 and your neighbors is a 5 or 6 (lower being BETTER). Think that might impact resale value and selling quick? You bet!

-Bob Hudgens, President of Christyn Homes


Save money in the long run with a high-performance home.

  • Better Performance
  • Healthy Living
  • Smart Investment
  • Environmental Protection
  • Piece of mind

Christyn Homes can offer the finest quality components to make you’re home perform as high as you want it to, including:

Sealed Wall Systems
Closed Cell Foam Insulation
Low-E Glass on Windows
R-10 Insulation on Walls
Air Sealing Packages
Sealed Duct Work
CFL or LED light bulbs
Water Saving Fixtures

Energy Star® Applilances
Rainwater Collection Systems
Low Volume Irrigation
Gray Water Recyling
Lot & House Orientation
Renewable Building Materials
Wind Power
And Much More!

Learn more about what makes a home green: click here

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